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Why Donate?
This is a free site for all users and does not contain Survey. but costs a lot of money to keep it online.
That's why we are counting on your donation, as we cannot afford to keep it online by ourselves!
Every donation will take the site to another level!
As a donator you have the right to know what your donating for:
The donation target represent the cost of the server & bandwidth of our site, we pay our fee every month.
All our site domain name fee is NOT included in the donation target, because were trying to keep the donation target to a minimum,
So we pay it ourselves, and we are happy to! these domain name are:

As a thank you we give our donators gifts & benefits. To be fair, 3 plans were created according to the donation amount, the plans can be found below.
For any questions don't hesitate to contact Admin in the forum.
Finally we want to thank anyone who support this site!

Donations Can Be Done Through: PayPal

Please Donate To Help Us:

Donation Benefits & Ranks:

Free Member Vip Member Gold Member
$0 $10.99 $15.99
searchmajor drop down
Can Download Free Hacks? Yes Yes Yes
Can Download Vip Hacks? No Yes Yes
Nice Custom User Title? No Yes Yes
Can Get Support? Yes Yes Yes
Can Delete Own Post? No Yes Yes
Can Delete Own Thread? No No Yes
Can Close Own Thread? No No Yes
Can Use Chat Box? Yes Yes Yes
Can Hide Online Status? No Yes Yes
Can View Hide Online Users? No Yes Yes
Can Add Image In Signature? Yes Yes Yes
Can Use Attachment Quota? No Yes 500 Mb Yes Unlimited
Can Download From Attachment? Yes Yes Yes
Can Store Private Message? Yes 10 Yes 100 Yes 100
Can Post Polls? No Yes Yes
Can Vote In Polls? Yes Yes Yes
Can Change Avatar? Yes Yes Yes
Can Request For Change Username? No No Yes
Can Change Email? No Yes Yes

NOTICE 1: After donating please send a PM to the Admin, and kindly Wait 24h for your status to change.
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